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Support CEP Vancouver

CEP Vancouver has been working hard since 2002 to connect young and emerging environmental and sustainability professionals in the BC area. We are a non-profit and volunteer-led organization, and previously we relied on a paid membership model to support our programming. However, in March 2022, the CEP Vancouver board decided to end our paid membership model and offer free membership through subscription to our newsletter.


In place of our paid membership model, and to ensure we are still able to deliver high-quality events and programming, we have moved to a donation-based ‘support’ model, where individuals and organizations can voluntarily contribute funds to support CEP Vancouver’s mission and work.

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Ways to Support Us



You can make a one-time donation at any-time to support our mission and help us continue to deliver high quality programming and events. Please click the donate button to make a contribution.


We have chosen to fundraise on Zeffy to receive 100% of your gift.


Click on the button below to donate



While CEP Events will continue to be free and open to all, we will now be offering a ‘pay-what-you-can’ option during the event registration process. This will allow guests to donate whatever they are able in exchange for a ticket to attend an event.

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Partnering with local businesses and organizations is at the core of how we love to connect sustainability professionals. If you have a great space where you'd like to host a CEP event, a local sustainability initiative we can showcase, or in-kind catering and refreshments you're happy to provide for our attendees - we want to know!

Get In Touch

Want to partner with us or discuss how you can contribute to CEP Vancouver? Please contact us at

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