CEP’s Mentorship Program is embarking on yet another year of matching new and experienced sustainability professionals in Vancouver!

What is the Mentorship Program all about?

It is a six-month collaborative and cooperative opportunity to share skills, knowledge and career advice specifically for sustainability-oriented careers


While not a job matching program or paid internship, it provides a splendid opportunity to meet other sustainability professionals and expand your network.

Since its initial launch over a decade ago, our mentorship network has grown to include over one hundred past participants. We hope to continue to expand this fantastic program in the years to come.


Interested in broadening your sustainability network in Vancouver? Need career-related guidance from seasoned sustainability professionals? The CEP Mentorship Program may be the right fit for you! Curious to meet some of the mentors of this year's program? You can read about some of them here, or watch a recording of our Meet the Mentors night here


Applications for this year's mentorship program are now closed. 


The Mentorship Program would not be possible without the generosity of amazing mentors.

 If you or someone you know is a sustainability professional looking for a rewarding experience, please join us! Throughout the course of the program, mentors have the amazing opportunity to interact with bright emerging individuals, as well as other seasoned professionals.

2022 Program Preliminary Timeline:

  • December 2021: Meet the Mentors Night

  • February 2022: Kick-off Event

  • February - June 2022: Mentorship meetings at least once per month (self-directed)

  • February - June 2022: CEP events focused on learning open for mentors & mentees to attend

  • June 2022: Year-end event

Testimonials from past participants:

“The program was highly beneficial for both of us: the mentee was able to get practical advice and support pertaining to day-to-day, insights into career advancement, and broader career issues; the opportunity to gain early-career guidance was extremely valued, while the mentor learned a great deal about early-career motivations and aspirations; the opportunity to share learnings from their career to empower an early-career professional was extremely rewarding."


"We continue to stay in touch beyond the length of the program, and both benefit from this mutual relationship, made possible by the CEP Vancouver program.”

 - Aphrodite Koseos (Mentee 2021) and Guy Gilron (Mentor 2021)

The program was well-structured with realistic objectives and corresponding timelines. For someone who prefers structure, I found this extremely useful. The two-way dialogue allowed me to share my experience and expertise with my mentor, who valued my input during our regular meetings. We discussed various topics, including our experience in Canada as immigrants, opportunities for career growth, continuing education options, and dealing with conflict. As I was looking to expand my business acumen, my mentor also connected me with other professionals at her workplace for some casual chats to understand what other skills I need to hone.”

 -Nishadi Liyanage (Mentee 2021)

For questions and inquiries about the CEP Mentorship program, please contact: mentor@cepvancouver.org.