Pictures from Past Events

Here are some pictures from past CEP Events.  Enjoy!
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  • Rob Abbott, ED of the Climate Action Secretariat, sets the stage for local and senior government climate action and the opportunity in this province for a true-cost market for carbon.
  • Rob responded to some tough questions from the CEP and A&WMA membership about the effectiveness of a price on carbon, and the opportunities and challenges we have to reach our 2020 GHG targets
  • Our freshly networked guests listen in as we welcome Rob to the podium
  • Russel Horwitz from Kwela gives an inspiring talk about systems thinking
  • Attendees were eager to learn more about how systems thinking affects their work, and more importantly, the world in which they work.
  • CEP Sustainable Seafood Event @ the Fish Counter (September 2013)
  • Enjoying sustainable seafood and local wine!
  • Sustainable caviar!
  • Sustainable seafood galore!
  • Sustainable Selva Shrimp
  • Sampling and networking with sustainability professionals
  • CEP Snowga Tour (Feb 2013)
  • CEP Snowga Tour (Feb 2013)
  • CEP Connecting with Nature Snowshoe Tour (March 2012)

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