CEP Vancouver's Current Board of Directors:

Andrea De Paoli - President

Andrea De Paoli is passionate about contributing to collaborative solutions to solve the world’s complex problems regarding sustainability. She recently completed her MSc in Social Responsibility and Sustainability from Aston Business School in the UK, one of Europe’s top business schools. Her dissertation focused on the topic of government policy to support the development of a circular economy in the fashion and textile sector.

Andrea is currently working as Government Affairs Coordinator at Teck, Canada’s largest diversified mining company with a globally renowned reputation in sustainability. In this role, she undertakes monitoring and research on government-related issues in Canada and Chile. Prior to working at Teck, Andrea worked in the not-for-profit sector and in academia. She has also lived and worked in Mexico and Peru and is fluent in Spanish.

Henry Lam - Vice President & Membership Director

Henry Lam is a Category Analyst in Supply Management at the University of British Columbia (UBC), where he develops and executes on several initiatives related to sustainable procurement. Having grown up in a family of mushroom farmers for a majority of his life, he witnessed firsthand the impact of farming and the importance of sustainability to agriculture and business. These experiences led him to pursue a Bachelors of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University (SFU) with a Certificate in Corporate Environmental and Social Sustainability to understand and bridge the gap between business and sustainability. During his time at SFU, he was involved in the development of a battery and phone recycling project which was awarded Outstanding Initiative by the SFU Sustainability Network and recognized for Project Management Excellence. In his spare time, if ever, he can be found hiking the various trails around Vancouver and rocking climbing to his heart’s content.

Alida Kusch - Treasurer

Alida is an Associate and Waste Management Specialist at Dillon Consulting Limited and has been working in the waste management industry since 2005. She has a MA in Environmental Education and Communication from Royal Roads University, a B.Sc. in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University and a Dipl. T. in Chemical Engineering from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology. The combination of her degrees provides her with a strong foundation in both technical and soft skills. Her diverse set of skills and experiences include community outreach and public consultation programs, solid waste management planning, program development, and recycling/reduction strategies for public and private sector clients. 

In addition to work, Alida is active in the local community. She is currently serving as a member of the Board for the Solid Waste Association of North America’s Pacific Chapter.  Alida has been a CEP member since 2012 and has volunteered as a mentor in CEP’s Mentorship program for two years.  Alida is passionate about people working together, through inspired action, to create and focus on processes that can enable change and create movement within the local community.  She aims to leverage her strengths and diverse experiences to create momentum for CEP members to achieve outcomes and create solutions for community needs.

Ramona Materi - Secretary

I am what CEP calls an emerging environmental professional. I have a degree in Environmental Science, however, through my professional career, I’ve drawn more on my other degrees- education (workforce training) and economics (labour market research and workforce strategic planning.) Our firm, Ingenia Consulting, does a lot of business in northern British Columbia, and I recently published a book on this topic. Additionally, I am currently researching and writing another book on starting a green business in Canada. 

I have always enjoyed volunteering for environmental organizations and have been active with community and business/professional organizations, including the Institute for Performance and Learning (board), Canadian E-learning Enterprise Association (President), West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund (board) and others.  I’m a graduate of Leadership Vancouver, an organization whose goal was to train business leaders to effectively volunteer in their communities.  Professionally, I serve on the board of Via Rail Canada and the SME Advisory Board to the Minister of International Trade.

Kady Wong - Communications Director

Kady Wong is a communicator and an educator seeking local   solutions to global sustainability challenges. She has been working in the environmental field since 2013 where her work experience has ranged from performing integrated pest management services in British Columbia’s local agriculture, facilitating water conservation behaviour change in the City of Surrey, project managing Simon Fraser University’s flagship Zero Waste Initiative to most recently conducting watershed education programs for Metro Vancouver’s Water Services Department. Kady completed her undergraduate degree in Geography with an Environmental Specialty at Simon Fraser University. Some of her proudest professional achievements include winning the 2015 Environmental Award for Education from the Recycling Council of BC and the 2015 Environmental Award for Communications from the City of Burnaby. 

Jennifer Johnson - Events Director

Jennifer is passionate about combating climate change through educating, engaging, and involving community members in the sustainability movement. This has led her to become involved in many organizations in various capacities including: Embark Sustainability, Eco Committee, Globe 2012, the Congress for New Urbanism, the Green Chamber of Commerce, amongst others. Her business degree with a Marketing concentration and a Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate, has set her foundation for creating triple bottom line solutions.

Currently, Jennifer is the Service Coordinator for Workplace Resource Vancouver, where she is responsible for providing outstanding customer service to clients for warranties, project coordination, and sales support.

Jennifer also has over four years of marketing and promotions experience, particularly, but not exclusively, in the area of health and fitness. Additionally, she is an experienced event planner, community outreach liaison, and team leader. Overall, Jennifer is committed to creating a sustainable future as she grows and develops her skills in our global village.

Semyon Chaymann - Mentorship Director

I am relatively new to Vancouver as I have recently relocated for work from Ontario. I am currently working at AECOM as Infrastructure Analyst in the Infrastructure Planning and Hydraulic Modelling group. I have two and half years of experience in analysis of water distribution system using InfoWater hydraulic models. I also have experience working on Asset Management, Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, and Master Planning projects. Additionally, I am part of the National Water and Wastewater Benchmarking Initiative AECOM team, responsible for data collection and serve as the primary contact for three Ontario municipalities. I am a graduate of the Master of Science Degree in Integrated Water Resources Management at McGill University and completed a B.Sc. in Agricultural and Environmental Science (McGill) specializing in water environments and ecosystems. I am passionate about environment, water resources, and soccer. I like running along the trails in Stanley Park, snowboarding, and love going for a hike on the weekend.

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